Outreach UK is a Christian Mission focused on One2One Evangelism

Helping every Christian share their faith in Jesus Christ.


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We offer an evangelism training course that makes outreach simple, fun and rewarding for all church members.



We have loads of useful ideas and tips to help you be better equipped and more effective in sharing about Jesus Christ.

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We are delighted that our team of evangelists is growing in number – but they need your help!
Can you spare £28 to help pay for 100 ‘Good News’ newspapers for an evangelist to give away?
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the church

Want to see your church grow?

Every Christian wants to see their church congregation grow. I would hope that every Christian wants to see more than that – not only to see numerical growth, but people coming to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour and Lord – which is real Church growth!

But have we have been lured into expecting instant results where evangelism is concerned – instead of learning from Jesus…?


Trevor Dickerson

National Field Director of Outreach UK

partnership in the gospel

Our Partners

"God if you're there... Please save me!"

Ursula Deith Woods

"When I was about 15 and my nan died of cancer, I was devastated, her death came as a total shock to me. I began exploring the supernatural, I wanted to speak to my beloved nan again. I had no idea what I was getting into. I invited something to come into me or reveal itself to me. It tried to get me to end my life and join my nan…"