‘Casting Your Nets’ is an evangelism training course that makes outreach simple for all church members​.

The training equips and resources ordinary Christians to respond to Jesus’ call to ‘cast your net’ on the right side of the boat – where the fish are.

Evangelism has too often been the ministry of a few enthusiasts rather than every individual Christian. Casting Your Nets shows how this can change. The practical training we offer equips every church member to share their own faith in Jesus Christ. But we not only equip Christians with the know-how of outreach, but also show them how to use some of the most effective materials.

Our speakers can tailor the training to the needs of your church, whether in a home group setting or large seminar, for example, on a Saturday morning.

The type of topics we can cover include: sharing your story; praying for opportunities; reaching your sphere of influence; best ways of using Good News newspapers and PTL Gospels in outreach; everyday opportunities for witness. We can work with you about what is best for your church – and cover the topics you most need. There is also the option of practical sessions to help you put the training into practice in your neighbourhood.

These topics can be varied according to what you want from the training.

If you would like to follow the training with a practical session, this can be arranged and included and is strongly recommended.

Many people have found this to be most helpful in getting them started in one2one evangelism as it also gives an opportunity to engage with an experienced evangelist.

We look forward to meeting up with you soon!

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9.30Greet and Coffee
10.00Sharing your story
10.50Gospel Opportunities
11.10Coffee Break
11.50What’s Achieved
12.20Question Time

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