God if you’re there…

… Please help me!

When I was about 15 and my nan died of cancer, I was devastated, her death came as a total shock to me. I began exploring the supernatural, I wanted to speak to my beloved nan again. I had no idea what I was getting into. I invited something to come into me or reveal itself to me. It tried to get me to end my life and join my nan, I had dropped out of school and was seeing a psychiatrist who prescribed medication including sleeping tablets (which I wasn’t taking but was saving up). I was desperate. Then one night I cried out to God: ‘God, if you’re there, please save me!’

The very next morning I realised I had slept peacefully all through the night. I became aware of a wonderful presence in the room, that I knew was God. I knew He was God, and that He was all powerful, because He had completely got rid of that horrible demonic creature.

I was told by God to talk to two friends at school, I had not realised they were Christians who had been praying for me for some time. I shared what had happened and they explained the gospel, who Jesus is and how he died for my sin, it was then that I became a Christian and asked Jesus to be my Lord and Saviour.

I was so happy in my new – found faith and wanted to immediately share it with everyone. I can remember being so frustrated that my parents didn’t immediately understand and become Christians too, and I said to God, ‘it’s no good God – they’re not listening to me – you’ll have to do it!’ Within a few weeks, they too had had their own separate encounters with God, helped by an aunt, who unbeknown to me, was a Christian, and had been praying for the rest of our family for some time.

Ursula Deith Woods

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