About us

Outreach UK

Outreach UK came into existence in 1874 as ‘The Christian Colportage Association’. (‘CCA’ as it became known)

In the 1940’s, Spurgeons Colportage was incorporated into ‘CCA’. In the 1970’s CCA’s name was changed to Home Evangelism – before being updated in 2006 to Outreach UK.

We work only in UK through a network of Evangelists who train and support Churches to reach their local community with the Good News of Jesus Christ. There are many around our Church building who have never heard the gospel message – it is our privilege to share it with them and in so doing, fulfill Jesus command to His Church – to ‘GO’ with the Gospel.

Outreach UK has many years of experience in training both individuals and Churches to reach others with the gospel – see ‘Evangelism Training Day’ Tab for more details.

This training is free, but a donation is always welcome if possible.

If you would like to support financially the work of Outreach UK , you can make a donation through PayPal, by clicking the button below. Thank you!