Evangelism Handbook


This training manual is designed to help and encourage you as a Christian to be effective in sharing your faith in Jesus Christ, with friends, work colleagues, neighbours or to strangers. We start with a few basics on the need there is and the calling we each have as Christians, seeking to build on Biblical foundations from which we can then explore ways to reach out with the Good News of Jesus.


This course is designed to be used by an individual, and also in a church teaching format. Each chapter has been put together by evangelists who have many years of practical, fruitful experience of evangelism and are passing on what they have learnt so that you too can be better equipped.

If you wish to explore further ideas for personal evangelism, and other effective means of reaching people with the Gospel, Outreach UK would be willing to help you, either through giving some training, or by working with you at a practical level so that you can learn by working with an evangelist.

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